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  1. Repertoire of “Harmonium” OnlinePlus IPC is based on free choice. However, we would like to recommend for Solo Piano division applicants presenting the program for 1st and 2nd rounds using variety of styles, different music periods and eras.
  2. Chosen pieces can be part of a larger work or set.
  3. All works must be performed by memory, including contemporary compositions.
  4. Compositions performed during the first round cannot be repeated during the second round
  5. Repertoire for Concerto division is based on free choice too. Contestants of Junior and Junior Artists must present One Movement of any Piano Concerto. Participants of Young Intermediate and Young Artists Categories must present either 1st or 2nd and 3rd movements of any Piano Concerto. Master category contestants must present complete Piano Concerto of any period.  We accept both performances with an orchestra or second piano as well.



* For all disciplines and age categories, participants are allowed to exceed a time limit within 2 minutes.

Important: According to the rules of the competition, each applicant must provide video recording of each round separately by filling out the appropriate form in the application section.

Registration Form

Video Submission Form

However, the video recording link of each round must be submitted separately in one file via Google Drive or We Transfer platforms. Editing between pieces is permitted. No YouTube link allowed.

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