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Competition jury will consist of 7 internationally recognized musicians for each division, chaired by Artistic Director, Armen Babakhanian.

A Jury member cannot vote for his/her own student. 

The jury’s decision is final, and is not a subject to appeal.

For the first round, each jury member will allocate grades within 4 criteria. For every single criterion, a grading system of a scale from 1 to 100 will be used.

The overall system consists of the following criteria:

  • Technical abilities
  • Stylistic perception
  • Art of sound
  • Personality

After the grades submission in virtually designed room for the jury members, system will automatically evaluate the average grade of each jury member. Therefore, the final grade will be based on the average grade of all jury members.

50% of participants with highest scores will proceed to the second (final) round.

The similar system will be used during the second (final) round. However, the electronic system will accumulate grades from both rounds. The participant with the highest score based on a scores for both rounds will receive the First Prize. No tie for any First Prize winner in any age category will be allowed. In case of same average grades, Artistic Director and Chairman of the jury have a right to break the tie.

The Absolute Winner (Grand Prix) will be revealed among all First Prize of Solo Piano winners during final meeting of all jury members based on Yes/No system.

After announcement of final results, all jury members’ grades will be published on the official website of competition.

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