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  1. The 2nd “Harmonium” OnlinePlus International Piano Competition is organized by the “Harmonium” Music Development Center in cooperation with 3A Recital Agency.
  2. The aim of the “Harmonium” OnlinePlus IPC is to discover most talented young performers all over the world through online platform by providing afterwards performance opportunities, educational and social interaction between young musicians, and distinguished professionals. Thus, it will enable to create a direct bridge between online and live network. With this vision, during the summer period of 2022, will be organized “Harmonium” International Music Festival and Summer Academy, where all the winners of online competition and renown jury members will be cordially invited. Furthermore, the winners will have an opportunity to perform throughout concert venues in Armenia, Malaysia and some other countries as well as have an extensive course of masterclasses with distinguished professors of music.
  3. The “Harmonium” OnlinePlus IPC will be held between October 15th- November 29th 2021, in two divisions: Solo Piano and Concerto.
  4. The “Harmonium” OnlinePlus IMC is open to musicians of all nationalities.
  5. Every division is divided into 5 age categories:
    1. Junior (up to 10 years old inclusive)
    2. Junior Artists (up to 13 years old inclusive)
    3. Young Intermediate (up to 16 years old inclusive)
    4. Young Artists (up to 19 years old inclusive)
    5. Master (up to 35 years old inclusive)
  6. Applicants are allowed to take participate in both divisions and take part in more than one age category. In this case, they must pay application fee for an extra chosen division and age category.
  7. Solo Piano division and all age categories consist of 2 rounds.
  8. Concerto division with all age categories consist of 1 round.
  9. Video Submission deadline for Solo Piano Division is October 10, 2021 for First Round and November 1st 2021 for Second Round.
  10. Video Submission deadline for Concerto Division is November 5th 2021.

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